International services

Make it pay to have an international focus.

Oslo Chamber of Commerce assists you with international trade. Our services are all tailored to provide you with easy access to international markets.

Toll Pass and Certification
ATA Carnet is the customs passport for goods or professional equipment, saving you both time and money. Need certification of export documents, the online service eCertify may be the solution.

New markets
Mapping the opportunities and challenges in emerging markets. Let Oslo Chamber of Commerce assist when you are looking for new knowledge and contacts outside Norway.

Effective employees from day one
Is your business hiring expertise from abroad to work in Norway? INN – International Network of Norway has more than 10 years of experience in facilitating foreign employees. Minimise your investment risk of the employee leaving due to dissatisfaction in their new homeland. We relieve your HR department and ensure that the employee can quickly settle in and be productive from day one!