The agricultural industry from Peru is boosting the country´s exports and is creating new business opportunities

In connection with her recent visit to Oslo Chamber of Commerce, the Director of the Commercial Office in Peru (PromPeru), Mrs. Amora Carbajal, has written an article for OCCs newsletter to inform our members about business opportunities in Peru. Mrs. Amora Carbajal, who is in charge of the Benelux and Scandinavian countries, expressed her interest in arranging a promotion and matchmaking event in Oslo this autumn.

Peru is a dynamic South American economy, it has become one of the most stable economies in Latin America. Over the last decade, it has been experiencing a fast development due to facts such as a consistent macroeconomic policy and a series of strategic reforms that boosted the country’s economic growth, which according to forecasts will be maintained over 3% annually thanks to an increase in the country’s exports, among other factors.

The country has three main regions, each with a different mix of economic activities. The coast, including the capital Lima, is known for fishing and agro-industry, including the production of rice, asparagus, cotton, sugar cane and fruit. The Andes Mountain range has extensive mineral deposits including copper, gold, zinc and silver. Livestock is also important in mountainous areas of the country. The third region is the Amazon, known primarily for oil and gas deposits, as well as for forestry. The main Pacific coast port of Callao is located near the capital Lima. To the north, the inland Port of Iquitos, on the Amazon River, is an important hub for trade with Brazil and Colombia. The Pan-American Highway links Lima to the country’s northern and southern coasts. A central highway, as well as rail links, connect the capital to mining areas in the central highlands.

Peru is known to be a global leader in the production of vegetables, fruits, grains and Superfoods which are being highly commercialized in international markets thanks to their unique taste and special characteristics. Some of the key reasons of such a favorable position are the geographic characteristics and climate conditions of the country, which favors vastly the development of the agricultural industry. Peru has 84 out of the 117 life zones globally recognized, and 11 natural ecosystems. These characteristics enable Peru to offer a wide export supply every day of the year. For the case of fruits and vegetables, the main exported products are asparagus (1st exporter), avocado (2nd exporter), blueberries (2nd exporter) paprika (3rd exporter), organic bananas, mangoes, grapes, among others. On the other hand, the most traded Peruvian grain is the quinoa (1st exporter) which, despite of being relatively new in the market, has created a huge boom in the food industry. In this sense, the non-traditional exports, more specifically the agro-industrial exports have been playing a key role within the Peruvian international trade, contributing in 2019 with more than $7.050 million dollars to the country´s economy, which represents a 6.8% growth comparing to 2018 .

As more informed consumers are raising globally, and healthy food consumption trends continue growing, these products are presenting an increased demand which can be translated into business opportunities

in Norway and the Scandinavian region, where consumers place a special value on natural products with high nutritional characteristics and the story behind their food. Therefore, there is a huge potential for imports, commercialization and distribution of these foodstuffs.

There is a wide variety of Peruvian Superfoods and fruits with a promising future that have not been yet deeply introduced into the European and Scandinavian markets. With the current Free Trade Agreement between Peru and the EFTA States, these products will represent an excellent business opportunity due to their nutritional and exotic characteristics. Thus, according to studies, the Superfoods market will be presenting an approximate annual growth rate of 17%, an attractive scenario to start investing in this sector. For further information about Superfood Peru

Expoalimentaria 2020

If you would like to know more about Peru and its agro-industry sector, Expoalimentaria is the right place to visit. This trade show is the main international business platform in the Food and Beverages sector in Latin America. It is the perfect spot to discover new products, tendencies, innovations and opportunities in national and international markets. It will take place in Lima from September 30 to October 2, and more than 650 exhibitors will be participating. For further information:

The Trade Commission of Peru in the Benelux and Scandinavian countries

Peru as an exporting country offers a range of value-added goods and services that are competitive, diversified and integrated into the international markets, with foreign trade contributing to social inclusion and a higher standard of living.

The Trade Commission of Peru in the Benelux and the Scandinavian Countries is part of the Exports and Tourism Promotion Board of Peru (PROMPERU) headquartered in the city of Lima, Peru. We promote investment, tourism, and the expansion of Peru’s exportable offer in these markets, working actively in the matchmaking between Peruvian companies and their counterparts in a variety of industries.

If you need further information and assistance regarding business opportunities and trade contacts, please contact Mrs. Amora Carbajal, Director PromPeru in the Benelux & Scandinavian Countries Telephone: +31 02 61 70 26 Email: