Welcome to Norway Seminar

Sign up your employee for our popular «Welcome to Norway» Seminar. A one-day practical introduction to living and working in Norway and Oslo

Welcome to Norway Seminar

The following topics will be covered:

  • Introduction to Norway, Oslo and surrounding areas
    Country, history, economy, government
  • Immigration / Settling in, health and social security
  • Culture, work culture, challenges, pit falls
  • Practical information- a guide to where can I, what should I, how do I..?
  • “A virtual tour of Oslo”

This seminar is free of charge for all INN Individual Members. Conctact us for an offer on the seminar if you are not an individual member.

The seminar includes a welcome package and lunch.

«Having just reached in Oslo, it was a very nice way to get introduced to the various aspect of the Norwegian way of life. I was presented with information which otherwise would not have been very easy to obtain. I found it a very friendly way of learning how to go about with life in Norway without making embarrassing mistakes. Now I can immerse in the new life in a more engaging and confident way.»

«The culture part is very interesting. It is a good way of getting the discussion going, because the participants come up with examples from their own culture.»