Relocation services

– let our experts handle the process and you will have a productive employee from day one

Our department for relocation services makes a difference for companies that hire abroad. We reduce pressure on HR and know what it takes for your employees to thrive in Norway. The result is a happy and productive employee from day one!

You want the best for your company – you want to attract and retain international expertise. Bureaucratic procedures, cultural differences and the setting up of social networks are just some of the challenges global employees face and this can affect your productivity.

We offer relocation services from A-Z, whether you need help with only a small part or the whole process. We offer a wide range of services for you to choose from, all with the aim of taking good care of your employee. We have a lot of experience and know that each assignee is different. For that reason, we adapt and provide service and support custom made for each need.

As part of the Oslo Chamber of Commerce, we belong to both a national and international network of member companies and chambers of commerce. We offer both professional and social events throughout the year. This gives your employee a unique opportunity to establish a new network in Norway, which only our relocation department can offer.

We offer a cost effective relocation process which provides you with an advantage and helps you as a company to keep the highly qualified employees.

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