Oslo Business for Peace Foundation and Oslo Business for Peace Award

Oslo Chamber of Commerce has since the beginning in 2007 supported and been a partner of the Oslo Business for Peace Foundation and Oslo Business for Pecae Award.

The Oslo Business for Peace Award is the highest recognition a business man can be awarded for being “businessworthy” and for ethical business behaviour. International Chamber of Commerce/World Chamber Federation (ICC WCF), the world´s largest business organization,  is the nominating body for this award, together with UNDP and Global Compact.

The Business for Peace Foundation aims to become a promoter of businessworthy behavior, through the examples shown by its Honourees, and through its activities towards fostering a greater appreciation of the relationship between business and peace. A key goal for the Business for Peace Foundation, as it seeks to increase awareness of ethical business practices, is to work to influence and redefine the general public perception of what it means to be a successful businessperson. So far, success has primarily been measured through the one-dimensional prism of financial success. Through introducing the broader normative concept of Being Businessworthy, the aim is to complement the public image of what constitutes success.

The vision of the Business for Peace Foundation is that all business leaders have as their purpose to improve society. This requires being ”businessworthy” – in an ethical and responsible way creating value both for business and society.

The winners of 2017 was announced in March this year – four remarable winners from Singapore/Bangladesh, Canada, South Africa/USA and Iran/USA.

Durreen Shahnaz Elon Musk Harley Seyedin Murad Al-Katib

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