StartUp membership

A membership in the Oslo Chamber of Commerce is a quality stamp for your company and can, for you as a StartUp, be a door opener to important contacts and meeting places

It’s a golden opportunity to connect with potential customers and get access to leading, Norwegian multinational companies across industries and countries. Our member companies represent an average of Norwegian business and represent a wide variety of industries, products and services.

What does membership give you?

  • Access to an international meeting place that can increase profitability and competitiveness
  • Lots of opportunities for free exposure of your company
  • Help build networks across industries and countries
  • Access to a unique, worldwide network that allows you to expand your network at home and abroad
  • Discount on export documents
  • Breakfast meetings and seminars for free or at highly discounted rates

The terms of this membership are:

Price: NOK 600,-

The price of the StartUp membership is given for a maximum of 2 years, however, only until the company is 3 years old. That is, if your company is 2 years old when you sign up, you only get to pay the StartUp price for one year. If you have just registered your company, you will pay the StartUp price for two years. (The date depends on when your company was registered in

Application form – StartUp membership

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