“Financing investment & trade in Africa – FITA 2022 Visit from Tunisia-Africa Business Council

“Placed under the auspices of the President of the Tunisian Republic, and sustained by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Immigration and Tunisians Abroad and the Ministry of Economy and Planning, the international conference “FINANCING INVESTMENT & TRADE IN AFRICA” FITA, has become the annual unmissable meeting of Tunisian-African economic and trade relations, in the presence of ministers, ambassadors, CEOs, international donors and top level stakeholders from around the world.

This new edition will welcome nearly 3000 participants and will focus on the major post COVID-19 challenges. Indeed, the consequences of the pandemic require new and creative ways of doing business in order to chart a way out of the crisis.

FITA2022 will be an opportunity for institutions and economic operators to meet with the best of international finance, pan-African donors, investment funds, ministers and CEOs, to discuss the financial mechanisms to revive the African economy, tools for developing inter-African trade and levers to increase investment on the continent.

An exceptional edition in more than one way, prepared for months now by a high-level steering committee, with a roadshow to promote the event in Paris, Cairo, Oslo, Tripoli, Alger, Dakar and Abidjan.

You can register on www.fita2022.com to attend the 5th edition of the International Conference FITA2022 on May 25th and 26th 2022, in Laïco hotel, Tunis.