How to procede with essCert

In order to get your documents certified, you must create a user account at essCert, which is the system we use for all certification. Creating a user account at essCert is both easy and free.

You can apply to create a profile by downloading and filling out a “Formal Undertaking“. The form will be sent in full to You will receive an email with login information within one business day.

You can apply for an account today and clearly see how your processes can streamline. Through essCert, you will see all of your company’s issued documents, and the system provides a good overview that both simplifies compliance and increases the control of the documentation.

It is quick and easy to complete an application for the Certificate of Origin through essCert. The system easily stores information, which means you do not have to write about the next time you apply. If you want us to certify invoices or other documents, you can also easily upload them through essCert. Once the application is approved and the documents have been certified by the Oslo Chamber of Commerce, you will receive an email stating that the documents have been completed and can be printed from your profile in essCert. The documents are printed on white paper.

Another advantage of electronic certification is that it saves you time and money – it’s also good for the environment as it reduces lead times and reduces transport to the Oslo Chamber of Commerce Chamber.

Dokumentene blir behandlet innen tre timer etter at de er sendt inn, hver ukedag i tidsrommet 08.30-15.30.

If you need to get the documents stamped and signed manually, you can choose to have the documents printed at the Oslo Chamber of Commerce. You must fill out a “Formal Undertaking” and create a profile at essCert. Fill out all information and select “Print at the Chamber”. The documents will then be stamped and signed manually, sent by post.

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