Certificate of Origin

Certificate of Origin is a document that documents the origin of a product. It can generally be used where the authority of the importer / importing country requires proof of the origin of the goods, where there are no separate forms for this. If the importing country’s authority requires the Certificate of Origin, it shall be submitted to the customs authorities of the importing country. As it is a so-called “non-preferential proof of origin”, it does not therefore give customs advantages in the importing country. By using proof of origin without the need for consular registration, it is often sufficient for the document to be certified or verified. In addition, some countries require legalization of the document by the Embassy/Consulate. Close contact with the importer for the retrieval of information is recommended, special requirements in relation to the legalization.

You must confirm the origin as an exporter, so you must and submit a document confirming this. This can be, for example, an export invoice.

The documents that you need to get certified, you submit via our electronic document certification document essCert.

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The documents will be processed within three hours of submission, every weekday in the period 08:30 to 15:30.