Certification of export documentseCertify

Oslo Chamber of Commerce stamps and certifies:

  • Non-preferential certificates of origin
  • Invoice / pro-forma invoice
  • Contracts, agent agreements and declarations
  • Health Certificates for fish
  • Visa applications

The documents you need to get certified are submitted via our electronic document certification system. You can choose if you want to use the system templates, or you want to upload pdf.files.



The first time you register: Fill in the information and submit an application to become an authorized user. You will then receive an email once you have been approved by us. You can now use the system and get certified documents in a fast and cost-effective manner.

When you submit documents for certification, you will receive the document certified electronically in return from us via e-mail. You must then print the document on a color printer. The document is then regarded as an “original”. Electronically certified documents can be used worldwide. Only Egypt for the time being must have a “wet” stamp. For more information about the system you ned to register. It is free and non-binding. You will then have access to further information.

The processing time is very fast and the documents are processed every weekday in the time phrame 08.30-15.30.

Price for electronic certification:

Member of OCC: NOK 700,00 eks. mva
Non-Members: NOK 960,00 eks. mva


Do you have any questions? Please contact here