ATA Carnet

ATA Carnet is an international customs document that saves you and your company time and money when temporarily importing goods.

Based on the assumption that the goods that you are importing are going to be returned to Norway, you can travel with the carnet with product samples, equipment to trade fairs and professional tools, without depositing duties and taxes.

The ATA Carnet simplifies customs clearance and replaces all export, import and transit documents. Everything you need is in one document!

The ATA Carnet scheme is based on the Chamber of Commerce acting as a guarantor for your goods. As security, we require a deposit. The amount is refunded when the carnet is returned to us and we have checked that the carnet has been properly used.

The ATA Carnet is issued for one or several trips and can be used for professional equipment and goods that you bring with you. The carnet must follow the goods at all times. It needs to be presented and stamped at each border. (EU is one customs area; you stamp in to the first EU country you enter and out of the last).

Oslo Chamber of Commerce only issues ATA Carnet for companies registered in Norway. If you wish to use an ATA Carnet to bring goods into Norway from abroad, you need to contact your local issuer e.g. the local Chamber of Commerce.

Take a look at the video below for a simple and easy explanation of how it works:

Certification of export documents

Oslo Chamber of Commerce certifies:

  • Certificate of Origin (Non-Preferential Certificate of Origin)
  • Invoice/ProForma invoice
  • Contracts, Affiliate Agreements and Declarations
  • Health certificates on fish
  • Visa applications

The documents you need to get certified are submitted via our electronic document certification system.