“Charismatic speaking Workshop”

14. Nov 08.30 - 11.00

“The melody is more important to us than the content” – and that is not only true for music, but for every message we try to convey to other people. It has been scientifically shown that the packaging of a message has 3 times more impact than its content.

In other words, it is not because you have qualitative content, expertise or a good idea that it sells itself. No – the way you deliver it largely determines its’ impact on a jury, management team or audience. It is crucial to build up your message as well as possible, to package it and to deliver it as strong as possible in your sales process, presentation or pitch.

There is good news! – Charisma can be trained. There are 12 substantiated techniques and it has been shown that you can, not only train them, but that they can also help you to convey your message in a significantly more charismatic way.

You will learn, practice and experience the difference between “before and after the workshop”.

Who is this workshop for?
It’s for people who want to become better speakers in front of any audience, people who need to pitch their idea before a jury or audience and people in leadership positions who want to have more impact on their employees.

The workshop is arranged in cooperation with The Forge, a spin-off from the Ghent University in Belgium.


The workshop is followed by lunch.

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*No-show fee is invoiced for no-show and cancelling less than 24 hrs prior to the event*